Welcome to The Direct Marketing Business website….

As a direct marketer you will not need to be told that our industry is as much about building relationships as anything else. If communication is good, honest and ethical, responsiveness is high. The same principles apply to your choice of marketing partner. We believe that you should choose a company who puts their client first, is ethical, who'll minimise the risks, maximise the learning and are not prepared to suggest spending large sums of money as the answer to a communication problem.

We have designed the website to be fun and informative. Fun, because we believe that working in direct marketing should be enjoyable and rewarding. Informative, because we believe that you must have as much information as possible before choosing a potential business partner.

What you won't find here is lots of copy telling you how good we are. We have chosen instead, to tell you what we do, outline our philosophy and leave you to decide if you want to discuss further, any specific marketing requirement you may have.

After all, good communication begins with listening to what you have to say.

Thanks again for visiting TDMB. We hope you enjoy the site and we look forward to speaking to you soon.

Mission statement

"Our aim is to enjoy helping our clients grow by combining our expertise with theirs so that they enjoy profitable results faster. Through building ethical relationships with their audiences, maximising message impact and obtaining profitable results we shall, together, increase response sales and profit"